Agreement signed with voluntary sector

08/07/2019, PR-9111

The views of voluntary and community sector (VCS) groups are to be considered in the development of local policies and practices in the district.

It comes after the Wakefield Together Executive, last evening, signed a partnership pledge with Nova, the Third Sector umbrella organisation.

In its agreement, the Wakefield Together Executive promised to ensure that local policies and practices take into account the views, needs and assets of local communities.

To achieve this key promise, they have pledged to have early consultation with local community organisations, openly share information on economic, social and environmental issues with key VCS organisations and to recognise how the VCS can influence and support service delivery and promote community regeneration.

They've also pledged to seek opportunities to develop more effective partnerships with the sector to enable them to participate in a greater way towards the aims and purposes of the Executive.

Cllr Peter Box and Milk Holt signing agreement
(L-R) Cllr Peter Box and Mike Holt

Cllr Peter Box CBE, Chair of the Executive and Leader of Wakefield Council, said: "The voluntary and community sector has an important role to play to help the communities in which its members are present to become a prosperous, healthy, safe and welcoming place. This is the reason that we have signed this pledge today. All of the member organisations of the Wakefield Together Executive therefore pledge  to work together to achieve a more vibrant voluntary and community sector in the district."

Mike Holt, Chair Nova Wakefield District, said: "The voluntary and community sector can contribute so much to the future prosperity of the whole district and it is the purpose of Nova to help realise that potential. We are now being seen as a significant partner in shaping the economic, social and environmental future of our communities. I believe that the commitment to this pledge by members of the Wakefield Together Executive is an important step forward, a symbol of good partnership and an expression of mutual ambition for the people and communities which we all serve."

Wakefield Together Executive comprises of representatives from Wakefield Council, Department for Work and Pensions, Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group, West Yorkshire Police, Wakefield College, Wakefield District Housing, Wakefield NOVA and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue.

The Wakefield Together Executive is a partnership between organisations and decision making forums that collaborate and work together for the overall success of the Wakefield district to make it a vibrant, healthy, safe and culturally diverse place to live, work and visit. It brings together executive leaders and influencers to create the vision for Wakefield by challenging the direction of how organisations work together.