Community Infrastructure Levy to be introduced


PR ref: 6175

A new charging system is being introduced by Wakefield Council which could pave the way for some extra money to help towards the cost of providing roads, parks and playgrounds.

The introduction of a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) on April 1 will change the way some new infrastructure is funded in the district.

Under the current system, landowners and developers building homes or shops negotiate a payment with the Council, which helps to pay for infrastructure such as new roads or playgrounds.

With CIL, fixed charge rates apply to residential and retail developments.

Cllr Denise Jeffrey, Cabinet Member for Economic Growth and Skills, said: "Having this new system in place will make the system clearer and more transparent

"Developers will know in advance how much they will be expected to pay towards infrastructure.

"The system will also support communities, as it could generate extra money to pay for new roads and parks in our district."

The charges will apply to retail warehouses and large supermarkets. Some residential development will also be charged, but there are exemptions including annexes, extensions to houses and self- built homes.


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